Fairmont Park East

The neighborhood of Fairmont Park East can be found in the city of LA PORTE, which is in Harris county. There are 1,468 single-family homes in Fairmont Park East. The median year these homes were constructed is 1993, and the median size is 1,955 square feet. The prices of these homes range from $185 to $284 thousand. The data on the change in price per square foot is available up until 1998. The median sold price per square foot is $132.78, whereas the median appraised value per square foot is $116.32.

The Fairmont Park East neighborhood is very popular among homebuyers who have the financial means to purchase a home in the $286,000 to $287,000 price range.

The area known as Fairmont Park can be found in the center of both Fairmont Park East and Fairmont Park West. They are frequently referred to as the Fairmont Park Homes Association “Central,” despite the fact that this term is not included in their official name. They are not associated with the Homeowners Associations in Fairmont Park East or West, which are the bodies responsible for enforcing deed restrictions.

Since the early 1950s, when the Fairmont Park Subdivision was first developed, the members of the Fairmont Park Homes Association have been receiving service from the organization. They have established themselves as a corporation in the state of Texas. Deed restrictions apply to all 1017 lots that make up Fairmont Park, a subdivision that is divided into four sections (Sections one to four). Each and every person who owns a lot in Fairmont Park (Central) is required to become a member of the FPHA and pay the association’s annual fee.

The deed restrictions and maintenance guidelines for Fairmont’s subdivisions are legally enforceable and designed to preserve property values and provide a more stable and secure environment in which to live and raise a family. These goals can be accomplished through the implementation of these guidelines and restrictions. All of the residences in Fairmont Park are single-family homes, and none of them are permitted to be used in any way that could be construed as overtly commercial.

When you buy a home in Fairmont Park, Texas, you are agreeing to abide by the deed restrictions, maintenance requirements, and other declaratory documents that have been registered by the Fairmont Park Homeowners Association, Inc. These documents have been registered with Harris County, Texas, and are legally authorized by the Texas Property Code.

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