La Porte Outlots

The neighborhood known as La Porte Outlots can be found in LA PORTE, TX, which is in Harris county. There are 415 single-family homes in La Porte Outlots; the median year they were built was 1980, and the median size is 1,929 square feet. The prices of these homes range anywhere from $76 to $505 thousand. The data on the change in price per square foot is available up until 1998. The median sold price per square foot is $170.00, whereas the median appraised value per square foot is $129.58.

It’s not just the bay views that make La Porte Outlots such a desirable neighborhood to call home; it’s the neighborhood itself. There is no other location that can compete with the level of civic pride that this place possesses due to its extensive history and community foundation. La Porte Outlots is an economically stable community that is located in close proximity to Houston and the industry that surrounds the area. It is a wonderful place to raise a family because of its great schools, fantastic employment opportunities, and wonderful community atmosphere.

The residents of La Porte Outlots do, in fact, take pleasure in a quality of life that is unparalleled in the industry. The average household income is higher than it would be in the surrounding area because the workforce has a higher level of education. In point of fact, over 81.3% of people who live in La Porte Outlots have at least a high school diploma, and a sizeable portion of the population has also completed college and earned a degree.

Residents of La Porte Outlots enjoy an exceptionally low cost of living, which is largely attributable to the neighborhood’s wide availability of affordable housing options. New people moving into the area have their pick of several different kinds of housing that already exist, and there is constant construction going on to add more units.

La Porte Outlots residents place a premium on their leisure time. The city has over 240 acres of park space and golf courses, as well as six public swimming pools and a number of other significant recreational amenities.

La Porte Independent School District, which is recognized throughout the region, is in charge of the primary and secondary education of the area’s children. Other options for secondary education include the University of Houston Clear Lake, Lee College, and San Jacinto College, which is located right in La Porte. La Porte is located within a half-hour drive of a number of additional educational facilities, including Rice University, Texas Southern University, The University of St. Thomas, and the University of Houston Central campus.

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