Summer Winds

The Summer Winds neighborhood features a variety of houses that are available in a wide range of beautiful styles, as well as different sizes and price points. The available homes in Summer Winds range in size from approximately 2,730 square feet to approximately 3,800 square feet, and the asking prices range from $354,650 to $380,100 on average. The monthly homeowners association fee is typically close to being equal to zero dollars.

Old River Terrace, Edgebrook, Downtown Pasadena, Harbour Park, and South Shore Harbour Golf Course are among the most desirable communities in the area surrounding Summer Winds, La Porte.

The Summer Winds Homeowners Association is responsible for the management of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood of Summer Winds is a residential subdivision located in LaPorte, Texas. The goal of the organization is to provide for the maintenance and preservation of the common properties that are located within the neighborhood. Each and every homeowner is eligible to receive the benefits that are made available by the Association.

The La Porte Independent School District includes Summer Winds as one of its communities. Heritage Elementary School is the one that is located the most conveniently. The 301 E Fairmont Parkway address of LA Porte High School can be found in LA PORTE, Texas area. There are 37 teachers working at La Porte Junior High, and they have all been there for an average of eight years. The teachers have, on average, fifteen years of classroom experience between them. The current enrollment at the institution is 543 students, and the student-to-teacher ratio stands at 15.00 S/T. The La Porte Junior High School employs a total of nine education aids in their classrooms.

The non-farm Enterprises in Summer Winds account for 105,725 jobs, according to the city’s statistics on employment and businesses. There are currently 2,114,000 people working in private non-farm establishments, but there are only 457,020 establishments that do not employ anyone. The average number of firms is 438,800.

The Man Kind Sports Bar, BrewingZ Sports Bar & Grill, Astro Daiquiris, and other establishments like them can be found in the neighborhood. Brookglen Park and Summer Winds Dog Park are both located in the neighborhood of Summer Winds. Both parks are kept in good condition, and Summer Winds Dog Park features a refreshing water feature on the side of the park reserved for larger dogs. The dogs also have a lot of fun on the various walking trails that are available. Summerfield is located close to the busy Ellington Field Houston airport, which is only 8.9 miles away from the neighborhood.

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